Lines with polyvertebrated chain

FLEXIBILITY. This is the keyword for Aluflex,our range of chain conveyors. Moving from pharmaceutical sector to food, through mechanical components, Aluflex is particularly suited for packaging transport. The extreme versatility of solutions allows an answer to any requirement of our customers. According to different applications and drawn paths, products characterized by different weights and dimensions can be carried at different speeds.

Chains are available in DIFFERENT MATERIALS AND SIZES. Made in acetal resin for common applications and stainless steel (82.5, 114.3 and 190.5) for food sector. The smallest of the family (63 mm), realized in PET, is the right choice for pharmaceutical sector. Specific solutions can be provided on demand such as chains with non-slip devices for inclinations up to 25°, rubber elements for elevators and descenders, chains for feeding conveyors and vertical conveyors.

Channels and Chains main features (Width)

Channel 65 mm - Chain 63 mm

Channel 86 mm - Chain 82.5 mm

Channel 127 mm - Chain 114.3 mm

Channel 196 mm - Chain 190.5 mm

Channel 259 mm - Chain 254 mm

Channel 314 mm - Chain 304.8 mm

EFFICIENT AND RELIABLE SYSTEMS can be obtained with the various components of Aluflex. Motorized Head Units are a peculiar example. With the Direct Unit we can provide an economic solution, while an advanced one, where particular dimensions and mechanical continuity are required, is obtained with Driven and Central Units. Moving Modulus enables passage of materials from a line to another one, guaranteeing stability and continuity. Chain tensioner system ensures mechanical continuity and no slip for temperature and load variations.



Catalogue 2019-20