alutec service

Design and realization of industrial solutions built in light alloy.

Every project comes from a careful analysis of the customers needs, and this allowed an exponential growth of Alutec Service. 

Alutec Service offers today its great experience, increased by the passion of its staff; staff who wants always be the protagonist of the technical evolution, in order to offer ever more innovating solutions to the customers.


Alutec Service offers customers an efficient engineering service, which simulates and then realizes every industrial need.

The technical office is able to evaluate and develop every kind of solution for industrial problems; solutions that will be built with the main material of Alutec Service DNA: aluminium profile.

With this material in fact, Alutec Service is able to offer fast, simple and flexible answers.

The manufacturing principle and the essentiality of this technology allows to modify, remodel and adapt existing structures to new working needs that can appear in the future.