ALUTEC Robotics is a division of Alutec Group, part of the group since 2016 after the acquisition of the AEB Spa business unit.
ALUTEC Robotics Business Unit, was formerly named AEB Robotics, is an internationally recognized reality for the development and production of Cartesian robots desktop and gantry, specialized also in the realization of custom systems. With a know-how acquired in more than 10 years of field experience, we are able to develop industrial automations mainly in the world of precision industrial dispensing, such as fluid dispensing (glues, resins, silicones, etc.) or where there is a need to faithfully replicate the operator’s manual skills in order to obtain the same quality with a robot in the finished product.
Thanks to the experience on the process and its control over the mechanics and realization of the assembly, Alutec Robotics is able to satisfy the customer’s needs for the realization and development of the product assembly lines. Modular applications are the solution to minimize machine times, with a minimum size for assembly line.
Starting from a specific request of a customer, Alutec Robotics performs a feasibility analysis, designs the machine and realizes the application, always maintaining a close collaboration with the customer during all phases: the design phase, the supply of components, assembly and with the necessary support also in the postsales phase.