Our mission is to satisfy customer’s need by proposing products and services useful to develop his business volume, always maintaining a close cooperation during all stages. Focusing individually on each customer can help creating a long-term relationship of trust.

Understand the needs, advise the best solution to optimize the costs of implementation, suggesting efficient and professional solutions is our real aim.

Consulting service

Starting from a specific request from the customer, Alutec carries out a feasibility analysis, designs the machine and realizes the application, always maintaining a close cooperation with the customer during all stages.

Alutec makes the most of one's potential experience and knowledge to get reliable and efficient products, offering unique and innovative solutions.

The structural and dimensional analyzes are completed with careful selection of materials, components and accessories.



Design is the main phase, and for this reason it requires careful and precise attention.

Thanks to the wide experience, our technical office is able to study the best solution starting from simple ideas; Alutec is able to offer the ideal solution to achieve the best result.

Starting from the study of the requirements, we proceed with a 3D rendering that allows an easy understanding of the project.

The following phase is the assembly, after strict tests on the machines that simulate working conditions we ensure durability and quality.



Thanks to its own internal department with its own employees, Alutec fully manufactures all its products.

The close cooperation between the departments allows a 360 ° control of all working phases from the feasibility study to the design, from the selection of components and materials to the assembly and final realization.

This organization allows the development of a wide range of technological products, including transporters equipped with different types of chain or belt, assembly lines and automatic warehouses, maintaining competitive prices with high quality standard.